About us



We are glad to inivite You to participate by all project made by Students` Scientific Society MC JU. We hope that this little informations will help You to make this decision.

Student Scientific Society

  • integrates scientific research of students at Medical College JU
  • coordinates and supports the activities of student societies
  • cooperates with other organisations with similar objectives
  • facilitates presentation of student's research results

Student Scientific Groups

  • these are units working within institutes, departments and chairs
  • they invite students wishing to extend their knowledge in the closen direction of studies
  • initiative is on students' side!
  • Group Supervisor delegated by Head of Department controls the scientific content of students' activities
  • scientific societies are always supported with help and assistance from the Board of SSS MC JU


  • they are organized from the beginings of Societies
  • this is the best occasion for students to present their research results and themselves on the national and international forum
  • the best and most interesting works get awards
  • they offer a chance for publication in professional magazines
  • they give a chance for making new contacts
  • they offer good fun!

Why join us?

  • everyone can find a group for his own interests
  • the majority of staff made their first steps in such societies within SSS
  • scientific work offers a chance of additional scholarships. Scholarships abroad and vacation student' practice may depend on the points for this work